Topping “Despacito”, “Baby Shark Dance’ Becomes The Most-Viewed YouTube Video Ever

Topping “Despacito”, “Baby Shark Dance’ Becomes The Most-Viewed YouTube Video Ever

Topping “Despacito”, “Baby Shark Dance’ Becomes The Most-Viewed YouTube Video Ever

‘Baby Shark Dance’ sets new Guinness World Records title for most viewed YouTube video.

The catchy “Baby Shark Dance” has set a new Guinness World Records title as the most viewed video on YouTube.

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Despacito” is a reggaeton and Latin pop song by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi featuring Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee from Fonsi’s 2019 studio album Vida. Released on January 12, 2017, the song was written by Fonsi, Erika Ender, and Daddy Yankee, and produced by Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres. It was the most-viewed YouTube video of all-time from August 2017 to November 2020 which became the first video on the site to reach the milestones of three, four, five, six, and seven billion views.

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However,according to Guinness World Records, the children’s rhyme “Baby Shark Dance” created by Pinkfong (Republic of Korea) and initially uploaded to YouTube on the 17 June 2016, has garnered an incredible 7,042,967,886 views as of 2 November 2020 and officially overtaken Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’ as the most viewed music video on YouTube and the most viewed video on YouTube overall.

“Baby Shark Dance” was uploaded as part of Pinkfong’s “educational songs and stories for preschool kids created by experts in children’s education.” The song debuted at No. 32 on Billboard Hot 100 in January 2019. Specifically, “Baby Shark Dance,” sung by Korean-American Hope Segoine, had 7.067 billion views against 7.042 billion views for “Despacito.”

Additionally, the “Baby Shark Dance” video has also broken the record title for the most viewed children’s music video on YouTube according to Guinness World Records. 

Here are the top 10 All-Time Most Viewed Music Videos on YouTube

PINKFONG Songs for Children-“Baby Shark Dance”-7,3 billion views

Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee” – 7 billion views

Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” – 5 billion

Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again ft. Charlie Puth” – 4.7 billion

Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars” – 3.9 billion

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” – 3.8 billion

Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” – 3.3 billion

Maroon 5’s “Sugar” – 3.3 billion

Katy Perry’s “Roar” – 3.2 billion

Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” – 3.1 billion

OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars” – 3 billion

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